Electronauts: Interview with President of Survios

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Image from Survios Press Kit



- We spoke to the President of Survios




Live out your musical fantasies!

This is pretty much an article about our interview with Nathan from Survios. There will be bigger texts regarding Electronauts. Below you will find a player that allows you to listen to the interview in your browser. But as usual, just search for The Fit Gamer Podcast and it is found on all the usual podcast apps. Just to mention a few, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and aCast.

If you are looking for a cool experience. I recommend that you check this out. And if you are hesitant, listen to this interview and you will get an insight into how the developers was thinking when they created this application. It is really something for everyone interested in music.



Get into that DJ booth!

This is the VR application that puts you in the DJ booth. It will allow you to remix songs created by famous musicians. Sounds complicated? It really is not. Now I will not try to explain it. Nathan did a better job at explaining some of the thoughts behind how the game makes it easy for the user to create music.

You could say that this application is created to help us feel like we achieved that childhood fantasy of becoming a musician. Now we can stand up, wearing our VR glasses. Using our hands to remix songs that sounds great from the beginning. Now we have free hands to create our own interpretation of those songs.


I haven't created any videos of me playing the game yet. I expect that to be posted here on Zonezter soon however. I picked the game up on the release day. It is really cheap considering it is a brand new application. I can definitely see how a studio wants as many people as possible to enjoy what they have created. It is their baby, right. Something they have worked hard on, for years. Once it is finished and they are proud of it. We (gamers across the world) are thankful for the low price. It probably means that more people that was uncertain about getting it, ends up actually being able to enjoy Electronauts.



Electronauts screen

Image from Survios Press Kit