Spoiler alert! It: Pennywise is back!

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 10/10/2017 - 05:46



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- It was never an easy task to remake this cult movie



The original movie is one of the most legendary movies of all times. A generation of people are scared of clowns. Now there is a reason for that! The movie, It!



Want this clown on your birthday party?



When trying to create a successful remake of such a classic. The whole project is basically doomed to fail. How are you going to create a movie that people are not disappointed at. It got 7,8 at imdb.com. I feel like I can't even put a score on the movie since I am too influenced by that first movie.


I have to be honest. I sat in that movie theater and just waited for the movie to move along. There were a lot of events in the movie that was copied from the first movie. Sure, some things were changed but it was pretty much the same. Is it just me that has watched the original movie too many times? That part of the movie was quite slow indeed.



The classic scene that make people tie balloons to storm drains just to mess around...


One thing that was spectacular though! Pennywise! They managed to create a fantastic clown! That clown will make sure to scare yet another generation. Clowns are not meant to be fun on birthday parties. Clowns are apparently meant to freak us out! 


In total I would say that it is probably a movie that will entertain most people. It is a good movie. In case you missed the first movie and are watching this movie. I bet it is a positive experience. The only downside is that you run the risk of being terrified of clowns for the rest of your life.




A house that could have been straight from Resident Evil.