Jurassic World: Evolution

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Jurassic World Evolution

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Jurassic World: Evolution

- Coming this summer


Do you think that they made the wrong decisions when building the Jurassic Park in the movies? Here is your chance to correct those mistakes. Build your own Jurassic World. Choose the layout of the park. Choose which dinosaurs to breed.


I never expected a game to come out from this franchise and become a success. Maybe Frontier Developments is going to prove me wrong. Build an amusement park... I mean a park full of dangerous dinosaurs. Ready to eat the visitors.


It looks like there will be the same kind of disasters that we got to see in Sim City 2000 (a really old game that did a lot to the genre of city building games). There are tornados coming, sweeping in across the park. Destroying fences, setting the dinosaurs free to roam amongst the visitors. I guess that this is where the challenge comes in.




Building attractions, breeding dinosaurs and attracting visitors seems to be the bulk of this game. I don't expect the natural disasters to show up too often.


The game will come for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be out sometime this summer!