Kingdom Come: Still going strong it seems

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Kingdom Come

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

- Still alive and well it seems



Kingdom Come: Deliverance brought something new to the table. An RPG without magic and dragons. I was immediately interested in this project. This game takes place in a medieval setting in Europe. And instead of different spells of fire or ice that will determine whether or not you have a strong attack against the enemies defenses. The developers behind this game has done some serious research and created a system where different weapons and armors will determine whether or not your attack is successful.


They dressed themselves up in medieval armor and found medieval weapons and started to test to see which weapons did what damage. There are videos of this to be found somewhere, I would look for them on their website if I wanted to find them. Trust me, they are awesome. 


Wearing a full plate armor is not as easy and smooth as it appears to be in some videogames or movies. In this game you have to adjust your tactic to match your equipment. You can't sneak when walking around looking like a big ass tank. Instead you will have to use brute force to defeat your enemies.


This game has been around since February of 2018 and as far as I can tell, it has sold pretty well. Now there is a soundtrack coming out as well. I don't know much about different music releases but some kind of disc will be sold that has the original soundtrack. When you have a game that has a historical setting like Kingdom Come, there should be some magical music to be found in there.



If you are interested to hear some of the thoughts behind this game, listen to the interview that I made with two members of the development team. You can listen to it in the player below or find it where you find podcasts, I guess a search for ”The Fit Gamer Podcast Kingdom Come Interview” or something should do the trick.




Have you played the game?

Do you think that the music is worth buying on a disc to enjoy while you are outside of the game?