7 Days To Die PlayStation 4 co-op

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 09/05/2017 - 21:36


7 Days To Die

Image from Steam.


7 Days To Die

- A horrible experience on PlayStation 4


The horrible part of this game was supposed to be the aggressive zombies. But I have encountered an even stronger enemy – the inventory!


First of all. I am very surprised at my experience on the PlayStation. I have seen several friends who are playing this game on PC. I can't imagine they would play the game if it were lagging. My PlayStation 4 is not the old version. It is a slim model purchased this year as well.


I have been playing 7 Days To Die for a few sessions now. I am playing split screen multiplayer. I am having big issues with lags every now and then. I have started to believe it is every time one of us open up the inventory (and if you are familiar with crafting games, that is basically all the time). Now that is one of the problems which might be connected to the inventory. But there are more issues regarding that one if you ask me. I am playing the game on PlayStation4, using a controller. The menus in a crafting game are complicated. They have to be since you have hundreds of different items to craft. But these menus look like they are totally created with PC in mind. When I look at one item there is a circle on top of it and that circle block my view. I can't read what item it is that I am hovering. 


In order to feel less alone, I decided to look for other players complaining on the lag issue. I found a lot! There are apparently big issues with lag on console versions of the game. Patches seem to have helped a bit but not nearly enough.



It feels like walking around in a game from 1999. The animations and graphics aren't that great. And despite the graphics, we have the lag.

Graphics is not key to success. I am often saying that atmosphere is more important than fancy graphics that requires strong graphic cards. But lags in an offline game is never acceptable.



From being frustrated with 7 Days To Die I almost paid 60 euros for ARK: Survival Evolved. And if you have read previous texts or listened to our podcast. You might know that I am not impressed with how ARK have been handled by the developers. I did not pay the 60 euros. I am however looking for a better co-op experience.

Got any ideas?


I will spend cash on a co op experience soon. And an action game is close at hand. I miss the old Army of TWO games. Those were freaking perfect. I wish that The Forest were available on PS4 and optimized for controllers & co-op. That is a great open world survival crafting experience.