Merry Christmas!

Submitted by Roman on Sun, 12/24/2017 - 06:34





Merry Christmas


Zonezter wishes you all a great holiday with a lot of nice gifts. Is it all digital things that you wished for? Perhaps you need some hardware as well? Considering how Nintendo Switch have sold during 2017. It would not surprise me if some of you will get one from Santa.


One thing that is for sure is however that there are thousands of copies of Football Manager being unwrapped during the holiday. I saw a tweet from one of the people behind the game. Apparently there have been a lot of sales but not as many codes activated. Yet. Chances are that they will all be activated during the next couple of days.


Waiting for the day to pass until it is time to open gifts can be a slow process. Videgames have always been helpful however. That has not changed.