Minecraft AR is a fact!

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 20:41


Minecraft Earth

Image from minecraft.net/earth


Minecraft AR announced

- For iOS and Android



Minecraft will celebrate its 10 year anniversary and they are going for the big celebration. A release of an AR (Augmented Reality) version of the game! Free-to-play! It is called Minecraft Earth. 




So far I have not heard anything about how they are financing it all. There has to be some kind of micro-transactions for them to come up with the idea. They might be a great company but if they would make stuff for free, they would not be a company anymore. Perhaps there will be a similar setup as Pokémon GO has. There is a shop where you can get building blocks by paying real money. But at the same time you will be able to find blocks to build with in your surroundings. Perhaps like Pokéstops.




There is a reveal trailer on Youtube, you can watch it in the player below.




Are you looking forward to this title? With PUBG mobile having 100 million active users. I wonder how many will get this one. There has to be a bigger audience for Minecraft than there is for PUBG. Personally I will turn my kids playground into a Minecraft world the first chance I get.



If they just manage to have a solid release without too many issues. This will definitely be a big hit. No doubt in my mind. Mojang are working on this game right now and there are no official release date yet. Personally I believe that a game that encourage people to walk around outside will have a bigger chance of success if released during the summer. Then people are more willing to try it since the weather is not as cold and rainy as it can be in certain regions during the rest of the year.



Are you still reading this text but you are really just wondering what the hell augmented reality means? To put it simply, you are using your camera on your phone to put made up shit into the real world. Kind of like using Photoshop to place you on a fancy beach somewhere. But your mobile device will do this in real-time, placing Minecraft buildings into your surrounding. Your camera will show your phone what it is watching and your Minecraft application will allow you to build the blocks. These things are often difficult to get right.

To use another popular game as an example. Pokémon GO is using AR to send Pokémons into your world. But it is difficult to make it look ”real”. If the surroundings are not flat then it might appear as the Pokémon is flying although it is not supposed to have that skill etc.


Because of issues like that I am curious to see how the Minecraft application will work. Will it be great or will it be difficult to build something that you are really satisfied with? I think that it would be easy if it worked like it does in a lot of survival crafting games where you can create the blueprints and twist them the way you want the item to appear. Then you add the resources. However, that would not be the Minecraft way of doing things. In Minecraft it is a lot about having complete freedom.

Time will tell..