Monster Jam: Crush It

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Monster Jam Crush It

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Monster Jam: Crush it!

- My first impression


I picked this up on a sale on the PlayStation Store today. It was on sale. It is not a new game, it was released back in 2007. But maybe you see it on sale and want some information about the game. Is it good or not? Here are some of my thoughts after having played the game for 30 minutes.


What is it?

The title kind of says it all. It is all about driving big ass monster trucks. As with the real life monster trucks. It seems to be all about the show in the game as well. The trucks are covered in awesome paintjobs. I got to give the developers cred for those.


What different modes are there?

There are Stadium Racing, Stadium Freestyle and Hill Climb. The stadium racing is awfully short races. At least the first ones are about making two or three turns, a jump and then you are at the finish. Make one mistake and there is not really any time to make up for it since the courses are really short.

The freestyle is you alone in a stadium filled with cars to crash and jumps to attack. You can do flips and rolls with your monster truck. Just don't land on the roof of the car. I got strong vibes from Grand Theft Auto when the word ”WASTED” showed up on the screen.


The thing that made me the most interested in this game from the beginning was definitely the hill climb. I am really disappointed in that particular part of this game. You don't get to drive freely! All you do is hit the gas, brakes and control whether or not you should make a front-/backflip. I was hoping to see some hardcore environments in the woods that I had to get passed. At first all I had to do was putting the pedal to the medal and I passed every course. But then it actually got a bit tricky. You have to control how you land in order to make the next jump.



The controls are really simple. Accelerate, brake and use the directional button to perform tricks while in the air. I can't imagine that the driving is anything close to what it is to drive a real monster truck. This is more of an arcade game, looking for action than a simulator of driving a monster truck.


This is a game for fans of monster trucks or people that just want a game that have short courses and some action. Since the courses are that short you can just enter the game and play a few courses and you won't have spent more than 5 minutes in the game. It is not something that I will play very much though.

It is one of those games that will be good for the kids to play around with at times. They are crazy about monster trucks at the moment.


Personally I prefer rally games where the courses take about 5-7 minutes to finish and if I make a mistake I will be able to make up for it by driving well for the rest of the course.




Like you notice in the trailer. They do have some nice music in there. They know how to make an action packed trailer for the game at least. Unfortunately it did not feel as action packed when driving the monster trucks ingame.