Naruto comes for the Nintendo Switch

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 18:41


Naruto Storm Trilogy


Naruto Shipudden: Ultimate Ninja Storm hits the Switch

- Some Naruto titles for the Switch should be nice, right?


I am not sure how big Naruto is in the rest of the world. But when I noticed Anime for the first time. Naruto was really big in Sweden. If you knew anything about anime, you knew about Naruto. Now there have been more versions of Naruto anime released. Countless of video games on different consoles.


I suppose that one of the biggest markets should be the asian one. Have you played any of these titles? Excited as a Switch owner?


Like we have said on our podcast. It is very difficult to create a movie based on something like an anime series since there are so much content to cover. The same with games. It is difficult to release something successful when a lot of the people out there already have such strong emotions already connected to the franchise. People might have high expectations regarding certain aspects of the game that the developers have not focused on at all.


This is a re-release, meaning that the reviews are already out there. So people can actually read reviews of the actual games. These games are old as well, meaning Switch probably did not have to lower the graphics on them.

As I hear, these games are supposed to be good. My experience from Naruto games however, not my cup of tea.