Netflix is still doing great

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Netflix: Going strong so far

- Will Disney+ become big competition?



Netflix is the streaming service that made it big. Just the fact that the ”Netflix and chill” saying exist is proof of that. With the competition being big when most things is available via streaming services nowadays. It is impressive to see how well Netflix is doing.



I did Not expect them to succeed like this

A few years back when they announced that most of the content would be their own series. I was disappointed. I just assumed that it would fail miserably. People want big titles, famous franchises. Not some new IP of Netflix own productions.


As you all know. I was very wrong in my assumptions. ”Netflix original series” or whatever the correct term is turned out to be big titles. Big studios signed deals with Netflix, allowing Netflix to create content with big and famous characters. And some productions are brand new series that has gotten a lot of good reviews. Netflix is mainstream. Bigger than the competition that existed when Netflix came around.



Competition will be tougher

Now we are going to see the launch of Disney's own streaming service. Perhaps that will affect Netflix a bit. There are probably a lot of parents that are using Netflix for the cartoons etc. But at the same time. Most content from Disney will be cartoons for kids – right? Or will they have all of their franchises on there? Star Wars?

When looking at it, it appears as if there might be some major titles for adults as well. On there are logos from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.


If Disney were to go all in, they would have a big chance to take a big part of the market. Will they have reasonable prices? Or will they feel like they are so big that they won't have to care much about the pricing. Whatever they charge, people will pay? It will be interesting to see what will happen once Disney+ arrived on the market.



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