New console generation in 2020

Submitted by Roman on Sat, 06/16/2018 - 21:22




Next console generation to come in 2020

- People seems to agree on that


Rumours are saying that Playstation 5 and the next Xbox console will arrive in 2020. Since it is far from any announced release date. I would say that we will have to wait and see. Since we have gotten a heads up a few years in advance however. Why not start to save some money for it? If you save 10 euros each month. You will have 240 euros by the time we hit June of 2020.


Then it won't be such a big deal to get a new console. Because let's face it. When buying a new console generation. The price tag of the console itself is not the only thing we need to purchase. We need to get a new camera, new controllers, new move controllers, new microphones etc.

That has been the case with previous console generations at least. And I seriously doubt that will change.


Since it is such a big amount of money that the companies will earn from these products. They will probably keep releasing new products. Sure. They might have added features to them that is necessary for the new technology. But if they wanted to, they could make old controllers possible to use with the new consoles as well.

Will they ever reach a point where the products are good enough to work on the new generations? I am thinking about the controllers for example. The difference between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 controllers are massive. A lot of new features have been added.


And when it comes to the PlayStation 4 controllers. Are we able to use them once the PlayStation 5 has been released? Yes! We are guarenteed to have a use for them. Since you can use them for the PC, they won't become useless overnight. That is a big plus nowadays compared to the previous old consoles.



I keep mentioning the PlayStation consoles since that is the console that I am most familiar with. I have owned it for three generations now.



PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X will get a few years before being outdated

I have mentioned this several times before. We have a unique situation in the world of gaming now. With the evolution of technology and the powerful gaming PC's on the market. The consoles have a hard time keeping up.

When I grew up. The computers were a tool used for work. If you wanted an entertainment system, you got a console. That is where you played your video games.


This has changed. Now basically any computer will be able to run a lot of games. Perhaps not the newest on the highest graphical settings. But still, most computers will be able to run most games. And a computer is found in most homes. You pay your bills, shop online etc on your computer.



Computers have an advantage

Gaming computers are having a big advantage when compared to consoles. If you want to upgrade your computer to make it more powerful. All you have to do is to replace a part or two. If you want to have a more powerful console you need to purchase a new one.

However, the price of an entire console can be compared to just a part or two for the computer. So purchasing a new console should not be considered to be such a huge deal. Speaking new consoles. We don't have to get a new console generation in order to get a proper upgrade nowadays. Sony have released PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft have released Xbox One X. These consoles are more powerful than the original consoles of the current generation.


It is a difficult topic. The business claim that they won't leave anyone behind. If you own a system from the current generation. Let's use Sony as an example here. If you own a PlayStation 4. You should be able to play all the games that are being released. At the same time as they are communicating this. They have released the Pro version. So if you will be able to play all the games regardless of which console you own. Why would you pay money for the Pro? The official answer is 4k resolution and a few more things that the PS4 Pro will bring to the games. But you are able to play the same games on the original PS4.


On a serious note however. The original PlayStation 4 are known to lag when new games are being played. Not even that new games. A member of the Zonezter crew have that problem with his PlayStation 4. It is not ”supposed to happen”. Those consoles are a few years old by now. Technology will become worn with time. So perhaps a brand new original PlayStation 4 would not lag.





PlayStation Virtual Reality


Regardless of what you think about being forced to buy a lot of new things for your console. I believe that it will be time for a new generation of consoles in 2020. The question is this. What about PlayStation VR? Will you be able to use your current VR headset to the PlayStation 5?


I own a PSVR and I would not like to be forced to purchase a new headset just because I upgrade my console. Some things should be able to transfer. The damn VR headset cost more than the console itself! By 2020 however, a new generation of VR headsets should definitely have hit the market. Perhaps they will just assume that people who have the old headset will still use their PlayStation 4. If you are willing to move on to the new console generation, then you should be open to the idea of the next generation of VR headsets.


Right now I am forced to add a lot of wires and a box to my PlayStation 4 Slim console if I am to use the PSVR. Perhaps they will manufacture the PlayStation 5 in a clever way. Maybe you will be able to just plug the VR headset straight into the console. That would be amazing.




I will probably jump to the new generation pretty fast. Previously I have been waiting, I played a lot more PC. Nowadays it is more 50/50. And since there are a lot of things to purchase except just the console. I figure, why not start right away?

One big thing though. I will not purchase the new console generation instantly. Just to be safe from the first issues, I will wait until they have sold it for a short while and had customer feedback.