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Nintendo Labo VR Kit

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Nintendo Labo VR

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This is not something that I will try myself anytime soon. Perhaps that is the reason why I feel like it is not worth spending hours to find out all the details regarding this upcoming release. So I don't know everything. But I will however mention a few key things regarding Nintendo Switch Labo VR. There are some things that should cause controversy to say the least.



The age recommendation for having a monitor right before your eyes?!

Age recommendation for this seems to be 6 or 7. The reason why I am unsure is the fact that there are both the numbers on the box that the device comes in. Either way, 6 or 7 – to me it sounds like a big debate is coming up.


What the hell is up with that?

I am not sure if there is a difference between the more expensive VR solutions, PSVR and Oculus Rift (and others that I can't remember right now) and these versions where a portable screen or a phone is placed really close to the eyes. But to me it seems like the biggest problem is this. There is a freaking monitor right in front of your eyes!

That alone is problematic. Having lights blinking in front of your eyes. That is not what we are used to. But that is not really VR. That is just the same as sitting too close to the TV is it not?


But VR, Virtual Reality however. How will that affect a growing body, a growing brain? The perception of reality. Nowadays we have graphics that are difficult to seperate from reality. That could be a problem when it comes to grasping the whole concept of human limits. In the virtual reality we can do anything. Like we can in our imagination, but if we can live out our imaginations in the virtual world? Will that affect the way our brain is developed? I know. It is difficult and big questions. I can't answer them, noone can for at least 40 years. The technology is too new, we have no studies that show what happen with time. But it is worth thinking about. Is it worth the risk with our next generation?


The biggest issue!

The eyes are used to looking at things at different distances. What happens when we look at a damn monitor centimeters away from our face but we think it is located in the far distance? What happen? Already we have a lot of people having issues with the vision at a far distance or at a close distance. Forced to get glasses to correct their vision.

How will we react to the confusuion of looking at a monitor that is right in front of our face. But we are trying to view what is in the distance, miles away. Will that have any affect on people who has brains that are still developing?

I use my PSVR headset to play videogames. But personally I will try to avoid having my kids exposed to that kind of confusion while their brains are still developing. Developing! We can guess how much we want. We can buy ourselves how much alone time we want by giving the kids VR headsets to disappear in. But how will it affect the next generation if they are exposed to this?

Humanity have been wrong in the past. We have built houses with materials that later on has been famous for being poisonous. We have done mistakes, and right now. As far as I am concerned, we don't know about this technology. It is not worth the risk.


Nintendo Labo VR Headset

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Cardboard boxes

How will these cardboard boxes react to sweaty foreheads? Nintendo are showing games where you are active. You are shooting at stuff, looking around quickly to see all the targets. I'd say that there will be some sweaty foreheads after 30 minutes of doing that. What kind of super material is this?



How fragile will these things be?

I know that you must have thought the same thing. Won't these things be fragile? The shape of the different ”controllers” are not exactly easy to protect either. Once you have built that elephant thing, it will be difficult to protect from damage? How would you store it? Have a look at a trailer on youtube or something, the different gadgets will use some serious storage space.

And it is not a good idea to sit down on some of your other technological stuff. But I am pretty sure that it should be able to handle it better than this stuff.

If the controllers were to be dropped, will the cardboard hold? Or will you end up with broken wings or a sawed-off shotgun?


Nintendo Labo Elephant

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What can I say about the price?

At first I thought that the price was pretty low. I am used to Nintendo having high prices on their products. They even managed to surprise me with the high price on the first Nintendo Labo bundles. But after thinking a little bit. To get the entire bundle with all of the VR content. You need to spend about 100 euros, or a bit less. Depends on the market for the euro.

I realized while writing this article. You don't get a VR headset like you do when buying the PSVR for your PlayStation 4. This is like the smart phones and their VR. You simply just put the screen you already own right in front of your eyes.


There are not exactly some stylish platinum headset that you get either. This is made from cardboard of some kind. The production costs should be really low. Am I right? So by looking at it that way, the price sounds pretty damn expensive all of a sudden.





Am I hating on this?

I am hesitant to the product. I am hesitant to most new products nowadays. I believe that people should be careful to invest heavily into this before there are any real user reviews out. They have tested the stuff really well I am sure. But have they predicted how people will handle the controllers?

How will they handle being used by people during 6 months? 12 months?


I simply want to look out for my friends in the gaming community that are interested in the products. I don't want them to get ripped off. With a lot of games being released in a beta stage or products that has had first editions that has had a lot of issues. With a history of those stories, I have turned into someone that is automatically a bit careful. Hyped for new shit but careful about the very first editions. And pre-orders is just something that I have stopped doing unless it is some franchise that I really love.