HBO nordic review!

Submitted by Bas on Tue, 07/05/2016 - 22:54


As soon as you log in to HBOnordic you realize there is quite a bit to see. One of the best shows to have ever been produced Game of thrones is available, but what else is there. I guess Vikings and some other fun good shows. Yes it is true that for the people whom have missed awesome shows such as True Detective (The first season), getting a HBO subscription might be a legit option. However, for those of you whom have seen the majority of very famous TV-Shows you might come to realize quite soon that not only does HBO lack in content, but so does it lack in functionality. With both of these key components playing a role in your decision to get HBO or not, you need to consider the fact that it might not be worth it. Not only will HBO need to take a page out of Netflix book in order to be worth getting in terms of functionality, but also does it need to produce shows at a faster rate. Now that Game of Thrones is not relapsed for a long time, the only reason to get HBO would be to see previous generations of TV-Shows (For the most part).

Now to the ultimate question. Should you, or should you not get HBO? The answer is Yes, get it for a month or two when you have A LOT of spare time and watch all the quality shows that they have for example; Game of thrones, Vikings, True Detective etc. (If you have not seen them already). Then after that, just stick with Netflix!