The Forest is coming in VR

Submitted by Roman on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 21:12


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The Forest will get Oculus Rift Compatibility!

This shit will get intense! Those who watched my streams or videos in the past will know that I have played The Forest a great deal. It was a while since I played it now though. I figured that I would check out some trailers to get hyped and start to play again.

Then all of a sudden I saw a line of text, at the end of the trailer they announced that it will be available for Oculus Rift! 

If you have never played that game before and are unsure of all the controls and the game mechanics. It will be a terrifying experience (I mean fucking amazing) playing with a VR-headset on. I mean, when those damn creatures appear behind a damn tree that you are chopping down. And you will not be able to turn your head around to look away from the monitor! Wow. If you will get the Oculus I would guess that this is one of those games that will be awesome!

It might be a good thing to like horror games as well. However, the enviroment in this game is amazing by itself. So if you don't like to fight against monsters you can apparently remove them by typing a command in the main menu. I believe that just walking around in that forest would be a great Virtual Reality experience.


Here is the third trailer released from the game developers endnight games.

The game itself is starting out with your character sitting on a plane. Next to you there is a young boy sitting and you appear to have some kind of bond to him. The next thing that happen is that the plane hit turbulence and crashes. 

You wake up, can't move and can only watch as some kind of humanoid carries the boy away. Now you will find yourself in the plane as the picture below shows.


A picture from the developers official site

Now it is time to start looting suitcases, gathering medicine, snackbars and other useful things. 

The game has been in Early Access since 30th May 2014. That might sound like a bad thing but I really think that the developers are doing a damn good job at updating the game. Since I don't play very regurarly I am surprised with new content each time I log on.