No Man's Sky = pay to win?

Submitted by Bas on Mon, 07/11/2016 - 21:40


For a really long time there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the game “No Man's Sky”. People have been expecting a massive hit. The developers went from selling cheap indie priced games to putting a triple A price point on No Man's Sky (Around 60 euro in EU).


Now for as much hype as this game has generated, it has also doubt. The first negative signs towards this game appeared during recent months as the developers not only have not released much footage of the game, but rumors have been floating the net such as the chance of meeting other players on your journey throughout space is close to impossible and that the game seems to lack any sort of objective.

From what we have heard you are supposed to land on different planets, gather resources and build stuff only to move to another planet, do the same thing and keep doing that until you reach the middle of the universe.


No man sky


So with all of that said you can imagine that the developers most likely are panicking because of the fact that people might want to wait and see if the game is good before ordering it (No pre-purchase). So now instead they have incorporated a pay to win system (Well, what else should we call it?) by pre-order you don’t get vanity items like other games. Instead you get items that will make you more powerful, in this case in particular a more powerful ship.


Is all of this a way for the game to get sales before people realize that the game is lackluster and subpar at best?  Who knows! I guess we will see. But I for one won’t pre-order.