I am in for a horrible experience

Submitted by Roman on Sun, 06/04/2017 - 06:52



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Outlast is waiting for me

- I really don't want to...


But it will be entertaining!


I have a hard time deciding what I feel regarding horror games. I kind of love them, especially indie horror games. They are often focused on bringing a great atmosphere and then end up being better than the AAA horror titles. Outlast is an indie game if I got correct information. 

It is supposed to be fucking scary, if I got correct information. 

Stream it! they said.

It will be fun! they said. 

I am not convinced it will be a comfortable experience, at least not for me. The people watching the stream or the Youtube video will probably have a good time... 


Perhaps it will go down tonight. Might be a good opportunity to get a few hours to play Outlast. 


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