Overwatch is popular on Twitch

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Overwatch is popular on Twitch

- Big audience for the Overwatch League


The Overwatch League Stage 2 drew a big audience on Twitch. If the numbers are correct, they even beat League of Legends NA LCS in concurrent viewers.


Who would have thought that when Overwatch started its journey to become an eSport. I remember that I saw an interview with one of the biggest Swedish Overwatch players. As far as I understood it, there were some problems with Overwatch as an spectator sport. It was difficult to create a broadcast that was easy to understand. 

The complexity of the game and the action going on was difficult to understand even if you played Overwatch regularely yourself. It seems like that issue is taken care of since they have attracted such an audience.


Have you seen anything Overwatch related on Twitch? Did you think it was easy to understand what was going on?