Paladins & Facebook team up to create the next big eSport?

Submitted by Roman on Sat, 09/09/2017 - 06:54



Image from Steam.




- Will this become the next big eSport?



Don't take this as a 100% thing, I might have gotten some things wrong here. I am not fully aware of how the studio behind Paladins have handled the game so far. But this text is based on the news that Facebook have signed a deal with the Paladins Premier League for exclusive rights. Time for some speculation. Time to bring that shiny orb and take a look at what the future might hold!



It is a question that we have asked ourselves a number of times in our podcast. Which game will become the next big eSport? Well guys, hear me out. We might have found it. From different sources on the Internet I have found this information.



Facebook makes a move

Facebook have turned towards the eSport community. In order to get some content on Facebook a deal have been signed with the people over at Paladins and the Premier League that will go down. Exclusive rights, if I understand it correctly.


With the power of Facebook behind them. If Paladin play their cards right, with entertaining casters and informative broadcasts. They can definitely do what Riot managed to do with League of Legends 6-7 years ago.


I am not that sure about what the game contains when it comes to game modes. But if you judge the game by its trailer. It does look like it will compete against Overwatch. And here is the big thing if you ask me. This game is free to play. They are signing up with Facebook. This game will (probably) become so much bigger than Overwatch! That is my prediction. At least as long as the game is mechanically okay and they bring charismatic casters for the Facebook live streams.



Look familiar? Could have been from Overwatch if you ask me.


Since Facebook is such a powerful force today. A lot of issues with the game itself will be forgotten (if there even are issues) and the hype from Facebook will spread the game like wildfire across the globe.