Phoenix Point

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Phoenix Point

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Phoenix Point

- From the creators of the original XCOM



The creators of the original XCOM from 1994 have apparently released a new game in early access. They have other games to their name but what is special about this release is that it is really a game similar to the XCOM series. There are a lot of reasons to become hyped if you are a fan of this genre.


My first thought was definitely that it was the developers behind the XCOM games that has had great success over the last couple of years. But it seems like this is the developers behind a really old game called XCOM.


Like I said, it is available in early access. I don't think it is the classical Steam early access release however. Instead there is a website where you can choose to purchase different editions. If you purchase the correct edition, you will get to play during early access. You can find the different editions here:




Great chance to sell a strategy game by referring to the original XCOM


It must have been big celebrations at the studio Snapshot Games when the XCOM franchise grew as big as it did recently. Now they will be able to release this game and call it the spiritual successor to the original XCOM game and get a lot of attention.


I am not the biggest XCOM fan but I have played the recent ones a bit and I must say that they are great games. I have heard that the original XCOM game was a great game as well. But the fact that the latest ones have been huge will mean more for this games chances to succeed. Because let's face it. A lot of the gamers today was not even born when the original XCOM was released.




Are there any guarentees that this game will be a hit?


As far as I understand, a lot of the positive reactions that the latest XCOM games has gotten is regarding game mechanics. I am not sure how easy it is to get those correctly. If it were easy, every game in the genre would be fantastic. But the developers behind Phoenix Point have succeeded before in this genre. So why not again?

Having gathered funds through crowdfunding campaign and now starts with an early access release hints that there are still funds required to reach the quality that they are trying to achieve during the development of the game.

Hopefully they will get enough funds to finish the game the way they first intended.



Phoenix Point

Image from presskit

Not being an expert on XCOM, I can only go on what I have heard. And there are not straight up boss fights in XCOM. But from the image above you can see how Phoenix Point have what can only be described as a boss fight. 



Are you excited to see another game like XCOM?

Do you think it will be a success?



There are a lot of history behind this release. I am not an expert, so there might be some facts in this text that is actually wrong. If that is the case, just let me know and I will change it.