Playoffs in League of Legends

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Playoffs in League of Legends

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During the latest episode of The Fit Gamer Podcast I mention the playoffs in LCS being entertaining (which nowadays mean the North American League of Legends Pro League). This weekend LEC (Europe) is starting the playoff season.


The regular season is a bit slow. Every team play a couple of games, it is always one game only. You get a point for winning. Where is the excitement?


Now however. We get to watch full 5 match series. The intensity is so much better! The psychological aspect to playing a series of best of 5 is immense. If you get humiliated in the first game. Chances are that you will become affected in the second game. The drafts are sometimes hilarious! Teams are trying to trick their opponents into playing different setups. Then all of a sudden, they bring a tactic that they have been hiding during the regular season. We all remember Caps on Vayne mid etc.


This is where experience matters. Experienced players can often lean back and know that they can turn situations around. They have been in this situation many times before.


It is the stars of G2. We are following the new Fnatic that replaced Caps before this season. Then there are always the teams that when they are having a good day, can beat Fnatic or G2.



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