Warning! Pokemon GO locations may be dangerous

Submitted by Roman on Mon, 07/11/2016 - 21:07




Take care when hunting pokemons!

You all know what Pokemon GO is right? It is a game that connects your game into the real world. It allows you to hunt pokemons in the local mall or in school. You can get mysterious pokemons by going to different locations. By using the Internet to find out where there are cool pokemons, you can go out and hunt them. Just be careful, you might become the one that is getting hunted!


People have apparently used peoples love for gathering pokemons as a way of making an educated guess of where people will travel. Maybe there happends to be a pokemon at a remote location or people are using the Internet to tell people that there are a pokemon in a deserted area. That way they can just sit there and wait. The person showing up to catch a pokemon will at least have an expensive phone with them. Otherwise they would not be able to play the game. It will probably not the most dangerous person in the world showing up either, making the robbery quite easy. 

Crazy right?!

How is it that everything can be turned into something bad. Even a cute little game about pokemons.


Don't get any dumb ideas from this text guys. Just think an extra time before venturing out to find your next pokemon!


Besides the fact that people are actually commiting crimes using this thing. There have been accidents reported about people getting injured because they were looking to win a new pokemon. Some areas that are shown as public in the app can be private propertys as well. So if you have a kid standing in your backyard staring into his phone and apparently fighting over something invisible. It might just be a pokemon trainer trying to win a new pokemon.


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