PlayStation Plus games for December

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 18:03



Image from Steam



PlayStation Plus will give us horror

- Are you brave enough?



From the creators of the legendary horror games known as Amnesia. During the month of December, PlayStation Plus members will be able to play SOMA.

It is definitely a horror game. I have played the starting area. I turned the damn thing off.. Too much for me.

I own it for PC. Now when I will be able to play it on console, maybe I will give it another go.


Besides SOMA for PS4, there are of course other titles. Here is a short list.


- Onrush (PS4)

- Steredenn (PS3)

- Steins Gate (PS3)

- Iconoclasts (PS Vita & PS4)

- Papers, Please (PS Vita)



These games will be available from December 4th. Are you looking forward to them? High speed racing? Exploring a scary environment?