Will PUBG come for additional systems?

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Will PUBG come for additional systems?

- Some statements and reddit posts suggests it


At first there was PC. Then it got released for XBOX. Pretty damn natural since Microsoft controls them both. But now there are talk about releasing this game on both the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 as well. Not confirmed at all. Perhaps it is just bullshit? I don't give a... This is interesting rumours. What will happen in the future?


Am I wrong when I believe that people are having problems with achieving a lag free experience on their PC? How the hell is that going to run as a Nintendo Switch port?


Like I have said before. I have listened to people complaining about the controls for console versions of this game. The problem being all the different controls that are available for a PC game like this one. In order to fit them onto a controller, they had to use certain combinations of buttons that was not very easy to grasp. At least that was the issue when the game came out on XBOX. I am not sure if they have altered it, making it easier. Maybe they are able to remove some elements of the game in order to make it a better fit for consoles.


It would not be the exact same game. But what does that matter? If some things were made simpler, they would still benefit from it I'd say. Well, what do I know. Perhaps they have fixed it or players who are used to playing shooters on consoles are already used to similar situations? When it comes to the speccs of a console like Nintendo Switch. If they want to, they can definitely change the game for it to run smooth on the Switch as well.


Are you excited for the possibility of PUBG on your console? Or do you prefer to play your shooters on PC?


What is up with the user reviews on Steam though? It is one of the most popular games. But out of the most recent 45 000 reviews, only 46% is positive. Is the game really capable on growing to more platforms when it appears as if the players have started to be more disappointed lately?