New map in PUBG! Sanhok

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 18:14


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New map in PUBG: Sanhok

- This time the developers found inspiration in Thailand



I spent an evening in Sanhok. Here is how it played out.

We get to visit some kind of place where all the players are gathering. As usual. You might want to mute the audio for this part. People run around, throwing apples at one another. Someone comes up with the clever idea of playing pétanque (I hope that is the correct word). Try to land the apple as close to a specific player as possible.


All of a sudden you are inside of an airplane. You are flying across a map that is not very big. There are plenty of different villages to aim for.



Screenshot from the game.



This is the third map in PUBG

Since there are competition coming soon with Battlefield and Call of Duty bringing their own interpretations of the Battle Royale feature. It is a very good idea for a game like PUBG to bring new content. Give the players something new to make them stick around.


The new map is only a quarter of the original map in size

This means that the rounds will be shorter. When finishing in the top region, you will only have spent about 17 minutes in the game. Personally though. Most sessions ended after 3 minuters. Since I aimed for the big areas where there were a lot of houses. Apparently I was not the only one going for those areas.



I had not played the game since it was only one map available. That meant, I did not really know everything about how to play the game. Luckily for me, it is pretty standard controls for a game like PUBG.

I did okay I suppose. I got my first kill immediately in the first round. Then I landed a really nice headshot. I showed great reflexes when I noticed someone was in the same house as me and I fired a perfect shot that hit the player in the head.

Unfortunately for me, it was a teammate...



I never saw them myself. But I heard about caves being a part of this map. I wonder if that is a good place to hide?


There are some sort of event pass for Sanhok being released. It costs about 10 euros. You don't need it to be able to play the map. I don't believe that there are any advantages when it comes to gameplay either. It should all be cosmetics. A game like PUBG can't afford to go pay-to-win. Then all the players would move on to another game.