Going to the gym is a good insurance

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 02/07/2018 - 09:07




One of the most important reasons to join a gym

- Prepare yourself to live your life


Working out at the gym will give you advantages when it comes to lifting stuff in regular in ways you don't expect.


If you are going to the gym and lift weights. It is quite clear that you will become stronger than you would have been otherwise. I don't think anyone can argue with that. There are however great benefits that comes with the whole gym experience.


Like today for example. I got a new couch and had to get rid of the old couch. So I thought to myself, which exercise at the gym will help me with this? To pick it up from the floor it was definitely deadlift.

If you have never visited the gym and learned the different exercises. I'd say that there is a bigger chance that you injure yourself by lifting things like furniture. By doing controlled lifting in the gym environment you will make your body more resistant towards injuries when forced to lift things in your everyday life.

A couch for example. It is not like lifting a bar at the gym. The bar is perfectly balanced and you are in a safe environment. The most couches are definitely not balanced to carry. They are designed by some fancy fashion designer that only care about making a beautiful couch. So when you are lifting the couch it will be a bad lift. It will strain your body. It is heavier on one side which means you don't just lift it from the ground. You are fighting the rotation as well.