Red Bull Kumite & Texas Showdown

Submitted by Roman on Sat, 04/23/2016 - 20:56

The figthing weekend has begun!

Red Bull Kumite 2016

Red Bull Kumite 2016 takes place in Salle Wagram, Paris. Which is odd, since a Kumite is supposed to be on a secret location. The movies never lie! Jean-Claude Van Damme represented his family in one of these kumites in the movie Bloodsport back in 1988. The word kumite suggests that it is a secret tournament. 

Bloodsport front

I don't think that the sponsors would be happy with the tournament not having an audience though. And we are all happy that we can watch it. So let's move on from the history lesson. We have a fighting tournament to hype!

Street Fighter V is the game that is played in the 2016 edition of Red Bull Kumite and they are using the Play Station 4 console. 


There was a tournament taking place on Saturday the 23rd of April. An Open Qualifier Tournament. The best two from that tournament will get an invitation to participate in the Kumite. Apart form those two players, there are 14 of the best international players in this tournament.

It will be a double elimination bracket tournament on Sunday 24th of April.

The livestream is found here

The schedule is found here

To find out what times these events really happen in your local time, you can use this website to find out. 


Texas Showdown

Texas Showdown is live 22nd-24th of April and it takes place in Houston, Texas. There are some history about this tournament as well, and now I mean some history that actually relates to the tournament. It is one of the oldest fighting tournaments in the United States. 

This tournament host a lot of different games. The following games are in this event:

- Street Fighter V

- Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

- Mortal Kombat XL

- Guilty Gear Xrd

- Ultra Street Fighter IV

- Killer Instinct Season 3

- Super Smash Bros Melee

- Street Fighter III

- Pokken Tournament

- Super Street FIghter II Turbo

You can find the schedule here where you can also choose which stream you want to watch.

If you are a fan of the eSport scene around the fighting games, this is the weekend to stay inside your house, pretend to be sick if anyone calls and just enjoy the show.