Confirmed! Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC!

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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 coming for PC

- And Google Stadia as well


It is happening. What people have been dreaming about. What people have been predicting. No need to wait any longer. We know the date!


Release date: November 5th


Congratulations world! Not only is this game coming for PC, like the first game in the series didn't. It is also coming to Google Stadia, meaning that anyone can play it – regardless of what system you have (as long as you have a solid Internet connection).



Not just for PC, for Google Stadia as well

It is all great and all. Everyone can see that. And it was probably not even a big thing either, we pretty much knew that this game would eventually appear for PC. There has been hints in codes of different systems etc. But that is not what is interesting with this. The interesting part as far as I am concerned is the news that it is coming to Google Stadia. Not the original game though. That won't matter very much.

The part that is really interesting is the online mode. Come on! It is Rockstar after all. They have been selling a shitload of copies of Grand Theft Auto V for years. It is still one of the most popular titles. Still one of the games that is selling the most copies. That should be impossible. Add to that the fact that they are making tons of money via microtransactions inside the online mode.


With them having that success in the past. The fact that this is pretty much a similar game, just in another time. That makes it super interesting to find out what the whole ”Red Dead Online” will bring to the table. I assume that it will be available on the Google Stadia as well since the original game will be.



Red Dead Online might push Stadia towards success

When Google Stadia first was announced we knew that they would have Destiny 2. The thing that made us excited about that game in particular was the online part. That meant that Google Stadia meant business regarding the connection. To have a single player offline game on a platform such as that should be no problem at all. The issue is when you are trying to deliver a service like this in an online game where you need to have the direct contact with the server in several ways, not just to allow the game experience. Unless the latency is perfect in an online game, you will definitely notice it and complain about it. If Rockstar is going to do what I expect them to do, and turn this into a massive success when it comes to the online mode. With that on Google Stadia. It would secure the continous success for Google Stadia. And like we have said on multiple occasions. This is such a major thing for gaming. The idea of being able to stream hardware.



Special deal for pre-orders

It appears as if there will be a special deal for those that pre-order this game between certain dates. I am not completely sure regarding it all since there are so many different dates and platforms. If you are interested, check it out on the store that you are interested in. But here is the general information for you as far as I understand it.


I believe that there will be some sort of platform straight from Rockstar. That is one of the major hints of a big release for PC that we had in advance. So I guess that a lot of the dates are specific for that platform. It will probably be similar to the Blizzard setup with the thing.


You will be able to pre-purchase the game from October 9th. And if you do complete your purchase between October 9th and October 22nd you will get a super special bonus extra surprise. There is a list of games prepared and you will be able to choose two games from that list and attain them for free. The list looks like this:

- Grand Theft Auto 3

- Grand Theft Auto Vice City

- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

- Bully: Scholarship Edition

- L.A Noire: The Complete Edition

- Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition


Now I know that those games are old. But if you have not played them already, I am sure that you will enjoy them. Personally, which games would I recommend? Well I haven't played them all. But I did enjoy L.A Noire a lot! I have to say. It is a great game if you like some old school detective work. Without knowing for sure how everything will go down I believe that you will be able to pre-purchase this title from other stores as well as the Rockstar one. But you will have to wait a few days longer.



There was a lot of different topics in this text all wrapped into one another. But sometimes that is just easier. No need to read several texts, just this one. Any thoughts or comments just write down below or find me on Twitter. And just to be safe, if I have gotten anything wrong in this text. My bad, the Internet is full of faulty information. Sometimes even I find it.