Rockstar focus on online mode for Red Dead Redemption 2

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 10/01/2019 - 17:08


Red Dead Online

Image from Rockstar


Rockstar focus on Red Dead Online

- The single player DLCs will have to wait



It appears as if there won't be any additional content for the single player part of Red Dead Redemption 2. At least not for the time being. The focus will be on Red Dead Online.



Rockstar certainly know how to make money on online modes

With their latest success being Grand Theft Auto V, that has been kept alive and earning big bucks for Rockstar with a huge online mode, I am not surprised at this decision. A successful online mode with microtransactions such as Grand Theft Auto V will secure the finances for years to come. An addition to the single player mode will perhaps generate in some money if it is sold as a DLC but it will only be a ”one-time-purchase”. Online modes with microtransactions have no limit on how much money they can generate.



A story focused game turned into a online game

Have you completed Red Dead Redemption 2? Do you think that the game will be successful with the online mode? Just becase a game is fantastic, it does not have to be a good fit for online modes. If the best quality a game has is the story, I can see why some gamers are nervous about how this online mode will be recieved.


Some of it has do to with the audience itself. A lot of people play Red Dead Redemption 2 because of the story. People who is recommending the game to me is pretty much only talking about the story.