Resident Evil 2 Remake

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Resident Evil 2 Remake

- Take a look at the trailers and see what you think



Make no mistake. This is not simple enhanced or remastered edition. This is a game made from scratch.


This is Resident Evil!


Take a look at the trailers below. One is the trailer shown on E3 and the other one is supposed to be some gameplay. There is a lot of cinematics in that one as well though. But it will give you an idea of the graphics in-game.





It does definitely not look like a tired remastered edition. This looks like something new. And with the new generation coming up, having missed the old Resident Evil titles. It is definitely something that Capcom will earn money from. Because Resident Evil have a great history.





Personally I hope that this is a game that will honor the old Resident Evil titles by implementing, couch co-op. Resident Evil is a great franchise when it comes to sharing the experience with friends or family.


If you are a big fan or horror games. Then you might want to play the game alone first. Because when you play it with someone, a lot of the horror disappears. The lonely feeling disappears. With ammo being hard to find and tactics needed to beat bosses. It is a game that is fun to play with someone since you have to coordinate your attacks.



Like I said during the E3 episode of The Fit Gamer Podcast (found here). I don't expect this game to be available for couch co-op. When looking at the trailer, it looks like it is very graphical. And very graphical games tend to be single player games. Or online multiplayer. The consoles will have a hard time handling the game if running two players at the same time.


If there will be couch co-op however. I will be over this instantly on release, which will be on the 25th of January 2019.