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Review: QONQR

- World In Play



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Platform: iOS & Android

Release date: May 2012 (November 2016 2.0 was released)

My Score: 85/100


On social media I got a request to take a look at a mobile game called QONQR. So I did. Hear me out, this might be intresting.



What is QONQR?

Qonqr can be explained in different ways. Let me try this one. It is a game that is played in the real world, using GPS to determine your position. It is a game like the board game Risk. You battle for regions.

It is a long way from Risk in certain ways though. This game takes place in the future or something since an advanced A.I have risen. Now what is going on with that, I am not sure. But it divides humanity into three different factions.


qonqr leaders

The three factions.


One faction wants to destroy the A.I. Another one believes we have to use them in order to prosper (or something like it). A third faction has another idea of how to deal with the A.I. It is not significant to the game itself I believe. It is simply a reason for the players to divide into three different teams that will battle for the control of the world.

Take a look at the trailer below.




To battle you use bots. You can launch bots in different formations. Some are offensive and some are defensive. You have a scope that launches the bots. The difficult part of this game is to make sure that you launch timing is as good as possible. Dedicated players have set alarms in order to launch as efficient as possible.

Most of the attacks have a short range. You can reach 40km with the most popular defensive formation. When attacking you can launch the regular attack up to 50km from your current location. Those are free attacks. It won't cost anything that you have to buy.


There is however a missile that you can purchase and launch that will reach a long way, 1609 km.


qonqr phones

Some screens of what it looks like.



Are there many players?

Since this is a game played online against other players, it is rather important that there are actual players to play against. I guess there are big differences depending on your location. Where I live however, it does not seem to be many active players. The players with the most bots in different zones are “missing in action” according to their status. I assume that means that they haven't played the game for a long time. There are more active zones though. If I understand the official website correctly, all of the cities in the U.S have been captured. 

And once a month (or something like that) everyone comes together in the battle for Atlantis. That way you get to fight regardless of where you live.


What is the whole point of the game?

That is a good question. There are “endgame content” in a way. Every month (I think) there is a battle going on called Atlantis. It is a battle where everyone, regardless of location will be able to fight for 19 zones as if they were standing right on top of them. The three teams get 6 zones each and there is a zone in the centre of the battlefield as well.

Atlantis is for everyone. Specific zones can only be used by players below level 100 etc.


I am not sure how it works generally but during the last Atlantis, in which I took part. It was a one sided stomp for most of it but in the end there were two sides that had many zones each.



Forces from all over the world gather to fight in Atlantis.



Considering the fact that this game is pay-to-win. Is it worth investing your time in it?

In order to perform offensive or defensive launches you need bots. You regenerate these at a certain speed. If you launch too much in a short period of time, you will suffer penalties. These penalties will make the regeneration process a lot slower. If you spend real money you can speed the regeneration of these bots. You can also buy things needed for launching advanced attack or defensive formations.

As you progress you earn credits. With these credits you can purchase upgrades to your formations. One of the upgrades simply increases the damage done by your attacks. It can be grinded by finishing missions etc but if you want to get it instantly, you can spend real money.

I was not really bothered by the fact that some people might have an advantage. I guess they could have made everything obtainable for free. As far as I understand the only thing that I have to pay real money for the faster regeneration of bots.


How are the graphics?

This is a mobile game which is great because of the fast loading screens. There are rarely ever any loading screens. When I start the app there is a loading screen but not when it is running in the background. There are two versions of the game out I think. I haven't really tried the old version since the new one was available when I started to play the game. 

It is a very modern, sort of scifi feel to the menus. Perhaps what it might look if we actually used our phones to launch missiles.You can see what it looks like in the image above, that show three mobile screen shots next to each other.


Will I continue to play the game?

I might perhaps keep in installed but I will not check it every hour in order to maximize my launches etc. Since it is a game that takes place in the real world I guess I find it a bit fun to make an impact. It is easy to see your impact being shown in the ladders showing the players with the highest bot count in a specific zone, region or country.

It is a rather intresting game however. It is easy to get stuck. You are rewarded for keeping track of time between your launches.



How is the community?

I guess there are some competitive feelings towards the other factions. Which is only natural, after all you are fighting one another. Within the faction itself there are chats in the game client where you can use a message board to communicate. Within the faction itself there are some nice people to help new players. That is something I definitely want to say in this text. I was offered some help through Twitter as well.

There are however other apps used to communicate and decide where to strike next. I have not bothered to use those apps. Considering the stomp that happened in the last event, I don't see myself spending the time to coordinate attacks with another app. I simply don't feel the chances to succeed are big enough for me to invest that amount of time into this game.


Is it fast and easy to play?

I wil compare the loading times to another mobile game that I play, Pokémon GO. Whenever I start Pokémon GO I am bothered by the loading screen. I dont't believe I ever was before I started to play this game. It is very easy to start the game and launch everything you can. It only take 30 seconds or so if you know your target. 

That is something very nice about this game. Despite it being a game that you are really drawn into, it won't take much of your time to actually harvest your credits and launch your formations. Like I said previously, there are specific schedules of how often you should launch in order to avoid the slow regeneration of bots.



Final word

It is a game that is pay-to-win. I am not bothered by it however, and you probably won't either. It is exciting to fight over real cities that is near you. If you should be unlucky enough to live in a deserted place, there is always Atlantis. In the big war which takes place every month, you can join your strong allies and face off against powerful opponents.

If you are looking for a tactical game where you are not bound to long sessions, here is a solid option. This is perhaps not a game that you will have as your primary game on your mobile device. More like a game that you keep updating every now and then when you have a minute.

According to some statistics, it seems like a lot of the players that starts to play the game are actually active on a daily basis for a long period of time. That means it is not just me that likes the feeling of reward by doing these fast moves every now and then.

I will give the game 85 out of 100.