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Raw Data


Raw Data

- Review of the PC version






If you get an eerie sensation the first time that you log in to Raw Data on your Vive, don´t worry, that simply means that you are alive. That feeling quickly gets justified by the fact that you are experiencing the future of immersive gaming.

With the current state of VR there are not that many choices for the gamers out there wanting to lose themselves for a couple of hours in an alternative reality. Luckily for us the potential of greatness is displayed proudly in the new game from Survios , “Raw Data”. The game has everything going for it and we are going to talk about some of the pros and cons of this game in the text below. Please note that this review does not contain any spoilers.


The story of the game is straight forward, however with that said the game does an excellent job in immersing you in to the world of Raw Data. You get a feeling of this when you first spawn a couple of minutes in to the game and you start interacting with the various objects in the room and when I say interacting I mean it. You do not just interact with objects like you would any other game (Walk up and press E), no you actually have to reach for the guns, the buttons on the walls, the panels that lets you access the computer screens.


From the very first moments of the game you start learning about where you are and what you are doing there. What we can tell you without giving anything away is that a company called “Eden corp” has started taking over the world, think google if it was run by Dr Evil. You are there to investigate with the help of some other hackers. The investigation then leads you to be able to control four different type of heroes. These heroes are all unique in nature and its astonishing that Survios have managed to make them feel different in their gameplay. I would go as far as to say there is no other VR game out there that will let you have this big of a variety in how your own character functions. This provides a great way of making the game feel fresh enough to motivate you to keep blasting away at the various waves of enemies that stand in your way.



To give you some idea of what we mean by this we will very shortly introduce each hero:


Bishop – The fast reloading, dual-wielding cleric that lets you blast away at your enemies with handguns. The more you level the stronger your powers get, the more agile your character becomes and the faster you can be on your trigger finger.


Bishop in action.


Elder – A character that uses a bow and arrow. Yes, you read that right. Now you can finally become the next Rambo.


Elder using his bow. Are you ready for a workout?


Boss – Now if you enjoy explosions this is the character for you. Shotguns and grenades, the corner stone of a healthy breakfast.


Saija – The katana ninja character. Ninja, katana enough said!


Saija slashing through waves of enemies.


As your journey continues, as you keep following the white rabbit down the almost endless hole that is Eden Corps. You will experience a lot of humor, joy, pain, frustration and story. To be honest in a couple of years when we look back at gaming and which games helped us to get to where we are, I think this game will be for VR what Deus Ex was for PC games. So if you do own a Vive or an Occulus I can honestly say that you are doing yourself a disservice by not playing the game.


So, to summarize the game is beautiful, very interactive, immersive, has a decent story and does a great job in making you feel invested in the different characters and getting deeper in to the game. If there is any negatives to this game, it is that it is another game about you holding up against various waves of enemies. But all the positives almost make you forget about the concept of waves coming at you and instead gets you wanting to blast more and more of them up with various upgrades and heroes. The PvP is excellent and showcases the many, if not endless possibilities that VR can provide to gamers around the world. We here at Zonezter are now more eager than ever to see what Survios is going to come up with next, if it is half as good as this game, then we are in for a ride!



Official launch trailer.




Survios is a company founded in 2013. From the start they have been focusing on virtual reality. In the beginning there were not even any hardware to develop games for. That forced them to think creatively and build their own headset pretty much. They were forced to go bend the rules for what was currently possible and they have kept working like that.

Survios is very focused on developing the concept of virtual reality, not just being a part of it.


Besides the success with Raw Data, they are working on other projects. Sprint Vector is a game that is going to be “released soon”. Virtual reality is experimenting with movement and as you can tell by the name, Sprint Vector will definitely test what is possible. Prepare to get a proper workout!


More information on the company and its current projects can be found at


Images in this review are from the Raw Data PressKit.