Review: The Cavern

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The Cavern

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The Cavern

- Be the explorer you've dreamt of being



This is a title for Virtual Reality being available on Steam for the Vive. On the Steam page it is suggested that you would need a game area of at least 2m x 1,5m. Keep that in mind. We don't want any injuries. If you want to take a look at the trailer for the game, it can be found at the bottom of this review. 

The Cavern is like the name implies, all about immersive exploring. You won't explore some nice garden of roses though. It is a dark and shitty place where there may or may not be skeletons from other adventurers.

Playing this game really displays the way you can have interactive problem solving included in games of the future.





This is more of a puzzle game than anything. Heard about the trend about “escape rooms”? You pay people money to lock you into a room. You get to hear a story and you will investigate your environment in order to find clues on how to solve different puzzles. Maybe there is a hidden door hidden somewhere? Your mission is to get out.

This game is like that in many ways. You enter a room and now it is your task to move along to the next one. In order to move along, you need to figure out how. Lift objects, turn your head around to search the ceiling or smash things. Find what you need!

You can basically interact with any item that you can find. Having played video games for a long period of time. We know that it is not something that you can take for granted when playing a game. There are always some interesting objects which you are never allowed to play with. In The Cavern you are free to investigate all you want.


In order to move around you use teleportation. Some people prefer that, others don't.




Image from Steam



This game is going for the realistic approach. It does a good job trying to be realistic. It is not the best looking game in the virtual reality market. But it is definitely among the top games visually. Considering the fact that it is created by a small independent studio of two people, that is saying something. Some bugs and glitches might appear but not anything that bothered the gameplay as far as we noticed.





A game that is essentially about exploring a dangerous cave should be able to create some sort of mythical, legendary atmosphere, right? Have you grown up with Goonies, Indiana Jones etc? Then you will immediately think of those titles. That was my first thought. Is Indiana Jones lying somewhere in this cavern? Has he tried to find this amazing treasure?

With atmosphere I refer to the result of graphics, audio, story and how the gameplay feels. It is a combination, and is something that independent developers use to their advantage in order to compensate for not having 100 people working on each part of the game.

The virtual reality part of this game helps a lot when creating the illusion of you being in the game. Exploring that cavern. Like I said before, the graphics are not bad at all. And when you find notes, there are voices that will recite what the note says. The author of the notes no doubt.


There is a story even though the game is pretty short. We won't spoil anything about the story but it will give you more reasons to search for the secrets in the cavern. Besides the obvious one being the incredible treasure.



Score 80%