Rocket League reaches 38 million players

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Rocket League

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Rocket League reaches 38 million players

- I sense a large number of “free weekend players” in that number



When Rocket League appeared on the market it felt as if it was expected. A game where cars drive around to hit a ball into a goal have been around in real life for a long time. You can't do all the flips and jumps in real life however. You don't want to mess up your car by crashing into the opponents either.

As the technology advanced. It felt pretty natural for a game like this to appear. And what a success it became! I am actually surprised of the number of serious players that play this game. It has grown into an eSport of its own.



Regarding those 38 million players however. They have been having “free weekends” when people got to play the game for free. How many took the chance to play it for free? And are now used by the developers to announce big numbers of players?

Quoting a post on their website, (found here).

“Over 38 million of you have played more than two billion matches”


They could have announced “38 million copies sold”. But they didn't. That is why I wonder regarding the actual sales. I am one of the people who got a free copy of the game when buying a graphics card. They have probably had some help by being pushed by companies like that. But what do I know. I am just guessing.


Not to take anything away from them. They did come up with a fantastic product. To play soccer with cars is something that excites. Driving fast and at the same time trying to win a football game. They have managed to maintain the interest of the players as well.