Roman's blog: Latest VR purchase, Beat Saber

Submitted by Roman on Sun, 01/20/2019 - 11:24


Beat Saber

Image from Steam


Beat Saber

- The VR game that I play right now



It is a simple idea. Swing your arms as you are listening to music. Try to hit different blocks that have different colors. It is simple but it is truly a brilliant idea. You get stuck in it. Below you see one of my Instagram posts where I play Beat Saber.





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It is a pretty sweet workout as well. Low intense cardio or whatever people would say. It elevates your pulse and depending on how used you are to working out. You will feel sore in your body after swinging your arms around and ducking to avoid obstacles.

I definitely recommend this game. Not just a good workout. It is probably really good for improving your coordination as well.