Roman thoughts: September 2017

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Will we see big franchises try new genres?


Like we mentioned during the last episode of The Fit Gamer Podcast, it appears as if Grand Theft Auto V will add new game modes. If it is something that will cost money like an expansion or if it will be free mods, I have no idea. But the interesting part is that there are new content being created. And that content will probably change the way Grand Theft Auto is played.

Will we see some Battle Royale mods?
Rockstar do have a lot of possibilities with the GTA franchise. They can twist the game into driving focused content, killing/surviving focused content. And of course a lot of other things as well.


The reason for this text is not only Grand Theft Auto doing some mods. I feel that Nintendo is starting to use their characters in creative ways even more than they used to do. Over the years we have seen Mario jump on platforms to save the princess. We have seen him drive gocarts. He have done plenty. Now with the invasion of Rabbids in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, we will get to play a tactical turn-based game. For some reason I can't come up with a better idea than to just call it XCOM-ish. I am not the first person mentioning XCOM in a text regarding Mario's new game. But it is hard to mention this booming genre without referring to its undisputed king.

Despite being cartoonish and cute. There is a real chance for Nintendo to create a solid tactical game experience. With the licenses for Mario I assume they do have enough funds to challenge big rivals like XCOM.



Do you remember when MOBA was growing huge as an eSport? League of Legends was not the top dog when MOBA grew. Take a look at them now.

A few years ago everything was about MOBA and League of Legend was considered to be the mainstream game. It was the game that was easier than some of the other MOBAs. There was no denying friendly creeps for example. When was the last time you heard about games like Heroes of the Storm? I have basically only heard about it in campaigns where they offer loot in Overwatch if you play Heroes of the Storm. They try to direct some of the gamers towards other titles than Overwatch. Because at this point I guess that Overwatch is where most of Blizzards new customers are found. I write new since I am not counting the millions of people playing World of Warcraft or Hearthstone.

With League of Legends being the biggest eSports scene today (I assume it still is even though I don't follow it as closely as I did a few years back). What could possibly challenge them at this point?

Dota 2 have their International with a big price pool. Heroes of the Storm never really took off. Heroes of Newerth was never really in the race. On Steam there are 77 games labeled as MOBAs. I really wonder how these smaller MOBAs manage to survive. Since it is a game so dependent on player count, it feels like it is hard to compete against something like League of Legends. But I am glad that they exist and I assume they have a core player base that appreciate the unique aspects of those MOBAs compared to the mainstream League of Legends.

It feels crazy at this point. But when MOBA came to grow famous to the masses. It was always Dota that was mentioned. Then League of Legends were the new thing trying to imitate Dota. With brilliant marketing and a great show at events with the charisma of casters – Riot Games took over completely.



Now another genre is growing..

I was never really going to write this text about MOBAs, I just wanted to make the point of different genres growing strong at times. And these tactical turn-based combat games are really coming strong now. XCOM is definitely the top dog that we compare everyone else to.

During the latest episode of The Fit Gamer Podcast we discussed this. Is it really fair to compare an indie game to a AAA title?

The game that was mentioned was Hard West. It is a tactical turn-based game which takes place in the wild west. In a lot of ways it is similar to XCOM but at the same time. It is so different. To be able to compete against a AAA title on all fronts would be impossible. Instead of having a crew of one hundred people programming, you might have 5 - not a fair fight. 

If you manage to get most things right, a good story, charming graphics. When will it be enough? The fact that a game sells for 20 euros instead of 60 euros should be a factor in the reviews. Surely the value for the customers must be something to take a look at? It is a difficult question. Because if scored higher due to the price, it would not be fair to the AAA title that has more content to offer. 


This discussion will continue..