Happy about the progress so far, beach 2018 here I come.
I am sure that you have heard the discussion before. People talking about how much protein you need to eat every day in order to grow muscles. But how much do you actually need?
Wow. This games was too much for me to handle solo. Luckily for me, there is co-op.
Different videos from stream. Where is my weapon?! And my first boss encounter.
During my visit to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I visited this bar called Kappa Bar. It was a perfect match!
Got a proper floor used by professional gyms to protect the floor from all the weights. 150kg iron weights is not something people usually play around with inside their appartments.
I am bothered by the lags in 7 Days to die but I still play that thing.
It is time to do something about the situation. As much as I would love to work out more than I currently do, I have a family to think about. The solution is simple, build a gym at home. That way I can work out when the kids have gone to bed etc.
A small town in Sweden actually named a big ass beaver on a playground to, "Justin Beaver". Come on, it is kind of funny!
Just went to the gym. Straight from work. Not feeling 100%, I have a cold. But still... I fucking LOVE it!