Tried the streaming feature on the Twitch app. First time IRL category and first time streaming from phone.
By knowing too well what you will benefit from in the long run. It might be hard to enjoy treats.
Easy. Healthy. Full of protein. Enough said
Having done my workouts, it is a nice thing to just relax with some League of Legends.
So I tried my new lifting belt. I could never have imagined how great it would feel.
By learning more about my current progress through a caliper test. I decided to change all of my plans in order to focus on the main goal. The big dream.
Happy about the progress so far, beach 2018 here I come.
I am sure that you have heard the discussion before. People talking about how much protein you need to eat every day in order to grow muscles. But how much do you actually need?
Wow. This games was too much for me to handle solo. Luckily for me, there is co-op.
Different videos from stream. Where is my weapon?! And my first boss encounter.