During my visit to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I visited this bar called Kappa Bar. It was a perfect match!
Got a proper floor used by professional gyms to protect the floor from all the weights. 150kg iron weights is not something people usually play around with inside their appartments.
I am bothered by the lags in 7 Days to die but I still play that thing.
It is time to do something about the situation. As much as I would love to work out more than I currently do, I have a family to think about. The solution is simple, build a gym at home. That way I can work out when the kids have gone to bed etc.
A small town in Sweden actually named a big ass beaver on a playground to, "Justin Beaver". Come on, it is kind of funny!
Just went to the gym. Straight from work. Not feeling 100%, I have a cold. But still... I fucking LOVE it!
Simple math and knowing the way I work this was the most economic way to handle the PS-plus subscription
One of the major problems I have with FM2017 is how I can't seem to have more possession than the opponents regardless of which team I have.
Don't tell me you don't expect to see Pikachu pop out from that shield.
Feels good to get some long distance runs into Runkeeper.