Will Epic Games Store be able to compete with Steam?

Submitted by Roman on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 21:08


Epic Games Store


Will Steam be able to stay ahead?

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I knew that there was a difference between how big percentage of the revenue the different platforms are taking from the developers/publishers. But the numbers I heard recently made me a little bit shocked. I can't see how Steam will be able to stay ahead unless they change their cut. Or what will this mean? Will anything change at all? Make sure that you follow this development. 



A new platform that will challenge Steam?

Epic Games Store is not just trying to do what Blizzard does with their Battle.net store. Epic Games do have games of their own, it is the company behind Fortnite. Epic Games are trying to compete with Steam on a serious level. And they did not just start out small. They went all out aggressive from the start, adding exclusive titles to their platform.


Steam has been the home of PC gaming for years now. If someone is playing PC, they are using Steam. There has pretty much not been any options.


Independent developers have struggled to get through the different steps that it takes to get their games on Steam. It has sort of been a measurement of having succeeded with a successful release. There are other ways to publish games but if you are not on Steam it is difficult to attract players. A lot of people are browsing the store on Steam. A lot of people are looking at ”similar games” that pop up based on what you have played in the past.

If you wanted to sell a game, you went to Steam. I believe that will change. Especially since it appears as if it is a sweeter deal for the developers at Epic Games.



Big difference in the fee taken from developers

Instead of Steam taking 30% of your sales. As far as I understand, Epic Games Store will only take 12%. Now I am pretty sure that there are steps for huge developers with Steam, to avoid losing 30% of all of your income. But still, this seems to be a big deal to me. That is right now. I could speculate whether or not Epic Games will raise the fee if they were to become a bigger player on the market. With their bit exclusive titles being a big portion of the games offered at this point. Who knows, perhaps those titles would have gotten a similar deal at Steam? Since they are such big titles. I mean, Borderlands 3!


Another big question is regarding the actual price that the gamers will see. I doubt that a lot of developers will go exclusively to Epic Games. It feels like making a stand, choosing side might turn ugly if it turns out that Steam comes out on top. Steam is massive, it has pretty much had monopoly so far. The gamers will have a big say in this. Will we see cheaper prices as a result of a lower fee taken from the developers? Will the developers lower the price on the product?


It the gamers were to find cheaper prices in general at Epic Games Store then this is something huge. Sure, a few percentages won't matter if it is only one purchase. But considering how many games we purchase each year, this could mean a few extra games being purchased for the same total amount of money.



Independent developers draw the short straw

If I understand this correctly there has been a change in Steam as well. I mentioned it above, that big sellers will not have to pay as much as smaller games. The independent developers are not appreciating this. The small guy is getting a worse deal than the big companies. That does not sound fair, does it? We want to see the independent developing continue to grow. We don't want all our games to have passed through all the filters that comes with having a board room of CEOs having to okay game ideas.