Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality (VR)

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Surgeon Simulator ER

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Surgeon Simulator VR

- So much easier than playing the original game



Have you ever tried the ”normal” Surgeon Simulator? I refer to any of the versions where you are using your standard controller in order to control the hands of a surgeon. Not very easy, is it?


I played the PlayStation VR version of Surgeon Simulator. I used the move controllers. Wow! It was so easy to control the hands while grabbing different objects.


When playing with a normal controller I can sometime feel like the gameplay is a lot like one of those boxes with stuffed bears. The ones where kids can pay a dollar in order to play a mini game where they control a crane that has a hook attached to it. Then they decide where the crane is to descend. If they are lucky, they get a bear.

I felt exactly like that. When I was trying to pick up a scissor, lying next to knives, clamps etc. It was really just a game of chance to see whether or not I would pick up the scissor or something else. With the move controllers I did not experience the same issues. Sure, I was a bit unsteady sometimes. But it was my first attempt of performing surgeries in VR.



I haven't seen all the content of the game yet. I definitely feel that I have gotten the entertainment that I paid for. I found it on sale in the PlayStation Store. A really nice discount. There are various surgeries. Everything from a heart transplant to a brain transplant. If the lights go out, you better find a flashlight.

When looking at the game on Steam. Looking at the screenshots they are using to advertise the game. It becomes very clear that the people behind the game does focus on entertainment and comedy. Also, do you remember the DLC where you could perform a heart transplant on Donald Trump? That was available for one of their games available through Steam. 


Here are some footage from my streams. The first video is just me fooling around during a heart transplant and the second one is a brain transplant. Enjoy!



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