Do you need a Nintendo SDXC-card for the Switch?

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Do you need to get a Nintendo SDXC-card?

- Will any memory card work?


When I started writing this text I had many questions. Like if Nintendo Switch was able to use normal memory cards. Obvious for a lot of people but I am not familiar with the specifics of the Switch. So bear in mind that this text is written while learning these things myself and I answer my own questions in the text. 

Nintendo is not known for being compatible with the rest of the world. We have seen them create some kind of mini disc console (Gamecube) and other things like it. Nintendo is about having a style of their own. They are not about beating the competition straight up with powerful machines, they are doing their own thing. Now I read that they are working together with SanDisc in order to sell Micro SDXC memory cards. 


"Nintendo do have a console which they sell with a warranty. If they would allow customers to use any memory card on the market. I can see how they don't want to hand out a new console in case it would break. It is like a lot of things. Third-party hardware is something that Nintendo can not control the quality of. It would make sense if these memory cards are the only ones that fit into the Switch. "

- It looks like Nintendo themselves are explaining what you should look for in a memory card when buying a memory card for your console. On a website with a support section, I found the information regarding the memory cards. I believe it was the UK one. Which to me, sounds as if that won't affect the warranty.


"And I would not be surprised if they were to cost a little bit more than the rest of the cards on the market. If they know that you need to purchase their product, they will not hesitate to put a higher price on it. And if I were to guess. They have some way of telling whether or not you used the approved memory card. It can't be that hard to implement something of the kind. "

- Regardless of it being necessary to get the official Nintendo product or not. I expect a high price for it. When there are a memory card on the shelf next to the console itself, a lot of people will automatically buy that one. Since they know it will work out well. That means that Nintendo have a good amount of sales coming in by default.


It seems like there will be two different memory cards to begin with, 64GB and 128GB. They will be available in stores sometime during October. 



What are they doing? Why are they releasing their own memory cards when any will do?

When looking into it. It appears as if there are several options to choose from. You can add extra memory to your console now, no need to wait for October. So why would Nintendo create these memory cards specifically made for the Switch? I just don't see it. If they did not do it at launch. What is the point in doing it now if they already have a guide for which memory cards would fit on their website? At I can find differnet pages in their support section regarding memory cards. 


Since the launch of the console there have been a lot of downloadable games and other content released. I assume they have some kind of library like PlayStation does which means that you can choose to have a product uninstalled but you can easily just install it again. I have that issue with my PS4, I have to choose which games to have installed since all of them won't fit the harddrive. If it would have been a PlayStation, 128BG would not help very much. Games are huge in size. 

Rumours say that there are already games for Nintendo Switch that are actually too big for the harddrive. The console was delievered with a 32GB memory, where 4GB are used for the operating system. Now games are available for download in the shop that is actually 32GB large. Sorry son, you just got Nintendoed! Most games are around 1-5GB however and it appears as if you won't have to install all games the way you have to do on the PlayStation 4 for example. The issue appears if you purchase downloadable copies of large games. 


More indie might mean more trouble for Nintendo..

With the standard memory of 32GB, an additional 128GB is quite enough. I read somewhere that independent developers are doing more games for the Switch now. That could prove problematic for Nintendo since many of the indie developers are only selling digital content. That would mean downloaded games that take more space than games purchased on a disc. Perhaps Nintendo will cut a deal with developers regarding financial help with releasing games on discs? I believe Nintendo would gain a lot from that in the future. 

And if that happen, you read it here first!