What is happening at Telltale Games?

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Walking Dead

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What is happening at Telltale Games?

- Are they going under?



I missed it completely at first. Then I saw recent comments on articles on gamereactor. And I got surprised by the headline. ”Telltale request pause on Walking Dead: Final Season sales.” Are they pausing the sales of their season pass? Are they not able to finish the series?! This text is written based on what I have heard on the matter. I don't have all the answers, but don't we love to speculate?


When I read that text I got interested. I used Google and found a lot more to it.



Sure, people complained. But I assumed they made a lot of money

Even though a lot of people critizised their games. I still assumed that they were making big money on their games. But perhaps the criticism got to them at last. I just assumed that they had failed with certain stories. That the stories behind the productions was the problem. Take the series of Game of Thrones as an example. That was one that I heard people complain about. I did try to start the first episode but I did not get interested enough to continue. Since the TV-show was such a massive hit. I just assumed that they would sell plenty of games simply from the name. I figured that the problem could have been trying to create something new from that specific universe. A lot of drama and intrigues had been made famous already. And sometimes it is tough to compete with something that is already written in stone.




What was the problem?

From what I can tell. They had major issues with their engine that the games were built from. When creating different scenes. A lot had to be made by hand, ending up being time consuming. And even when finally finished. The games has been known to contain bugs.

For games that is a lot about cinematics. If the engine behind the cinematics is flawed. Then the atmosphere can be lost and then the whole point of the production fades away. Because from my own experience. The gameplay, the mechanics and controllers were never anything to cheer for. It was the story. The cinematics and choices that was entertaining.

I heard comments about how the interaction between different characters became too slow and uncoordinated. Instead of quick replies, there was a silence as the camera moved and the atmosphere was lost instead of enhanced.


There have been some huge series used by Telltale Games over the years. Just to mention a few, Batman, Game of thrones and The Walking Dead. But if I understand it correctly. It was really The Walking Dead that was the successful series. The game that elevated Telltale Games and spread it to the masses.



Back to the headline

Back to the headline that made me interested. A pause on the sale of the season pass for The Walking Dead? People losing their jobs? What is going on?!

It appears as if the company have been forced to realize that the golden era is over. The decision to lay off people behind a lot of the precious games are leaving fans wondering. Even if there will be more episodes of The Walking Dead released. Will they have the same finesse? Will it be the same game?



At this time I don't think it is possible to purchase the Season Pass for the rest of The Walking Dead season. A brave decision by the company to be honest and pull it from the market. Instead of just selling tons of stuff that really did not generate in anything. Because that would have been an option. To keep selling Season passes and then not deliver a high quality series.

At least they are not ruining their chances of making a comeback by bull-shitting their fans.


Let's hope that they manage to figure out a way to fix their development process and continue to make games. Games without the issues that they apparently have at the moment.