Ranked TeamFight Tactics

Submitted by Roman on Fri, 07/12/2019 - 18:41


TeamFight Tactics


Ranked has arrived!

- TeamFight Tactics will finally matter



The new game mode for League of Legends, TeamFight Tactics has been really popular right away. But there has been a big problem with it. There has not really been a reason to play it. Not if you are into competitive play at least. Now they have implemented a ranked system! 




I imagine that there will be a lot of players that will focus this mode for the first week. To see how this ranked system works out. With the implementation of ranked matches, have they fixed a lot of the issues that the game had? There is no way around it, there were some big issues with the game. Characters being stuck for reasons unknown etc. I really think that they would not push the release of this mode unless they were satisfied with the gameplay. I can't see them risking releasing a ranked system with many issues still being left inside the game. But at the same time. Since they released the "normal" game mode, people have been starting to asking themselves, what is the point to this? If they wait too long with implementing a system with ranks. Will people lose interest? Will people move to the next game, a game that offer the challenges that they are looking for?


I am hopeful, I think that this will add a lot of things to League of Legends. They might get new players that never tried the game before, they might get back some of the old players that had grown tired of the standard game mode. Since I enjoy the game, I need Riot to do well in order for them to continue with the development of new and exciting features to this game.