No Man's Sky: The Abyss

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No Man's Sky

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No Man's Sky: The Abyss

- Free update with underwater exploration



A new free update called The Abyss will bring more content deep in the waters.



Do you remember the launch of this game? There was so much issues regarding No man's sky. ”The biggest game world of all times” as they said. Not all the features showed in footage was implemented into the game however and there was a lot of other problems that customers brought up.


The user score on metacritic for the PC version is as low as 2.8. It is probably a reflection of the launch issues. The PC and PS4 versions was released back in 2016. If you take a look at the Xbox One version of the game however. It has a user score of 7.9! That version was released in the middle of 2018. You got to give it to them. The developers had learned their lesson.


I am trying to move away from the launch issues and treat the game based on what it is today. And today it seems like they have managed to fix the game. The version is 1.7 (or is soon) and the players of the Xbox versions seems satisfied.



If you take a look at the trailer below you will see the underwater features that they have added in ”The Abyss”, which is a new free update.



More frequent meetings with underwater creatures. With 5 times more variety in what species of plants and animals that you will stumple upon. If you have time to spare. It sure sounds as if you can spend it playing No Man's Sky.


Are you excited for this underwater update?