Charts showing most downloaded on PS4 in 2017

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PlayStation Store reveal stats from 2017

- Which games was downloaded the most?


This list that have been released on a PlayStation blog found here is kind of silly. Honestly. It is showing the number of downloads, not revenue from the titles or even number of sales.


Unless you are aware of how the PlayStation Store works. Here are some information for you. Regardless of what content you download, free, demo or a game you have purchased. You get the same email from the store saying:

”Congratulations on your purchase” or something like that. At first I was shocked since they congratulated me for my purchase when I only downloaded some free item from the store.


Are the games on top of these lists just the games that have been having free weekends or playable demos? When you get to try a demo of a game, you often download the same files that you would have done if you purchased the game. It is not like the good old days when it was a small file that was containing only that demo. At least that is the impression I have gotten. I remember Crew or Crew 2 had a demo that I downloaded. It was a massive file and when I started the application, it asked whether or not I wanted to register for the full version.


One thing that tells a different story is the retail sales from stores. If I understand it correctly, it is basically the same game that is on the top of the lists. That hints at this being a true list of which games were purchased the most.


Take a look at the virtual reality section. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is only on 9th place. That game was free for the PlayStation Plus members, for two consecutive months. That should have rendered a lot of downloads without the game being purchased. I guess the fact that it is a horror title made a lot of people nervous. Horror in VR is some serious shit.

It is not a shocker that a game like “Job simulator” is at the top of the VR chart. It is a game that people allow their kids to watch and perhaps even try. A simple game. Simple fun. Easy to start without having to go through a long series of cutscenes to understand the story of the game.



Diablo 3 is on the top 10 of sold add-ons. That is a game that the developer have sold several times to a lot of people. I bet that I am not the only one that have been upgrading my system over the years. Making me want to play that game on my new system. I know I have bought that game two times, maybe even three. It just might happen again if I get a nice discount on the PS4 version with all the DLCs added. Previously I own the game for PC and PS3.



Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that have been on sale at numerous occasions. I bet that have added to the number of downloads. I don't think I have seen it for free at any point. Destiny 2 however. That game have been available for free for quite some time. I believe they call it a demo. I am guessing that the number of downloads is added into this chart however.



Congratulations Call of Duty. They won all the prizes they could basically. That is not surprising since it is a franchise where a lot of people buy the new version by default. What surprised me however was the fact that Friday the 13th is almost at the top. That game was something that looked really cool when the first videos came out. Then I haven't really heard much about it. I figure it is a game that could be fun when played with friends. It have been on sale on a couple of occasions I guess. But still a huge accomplishment from the developers.




PlayStation 4 Games


Call of Duty WWII

Destiny 2

Friday the 13th The Game

Horizon Zero Dawn

Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V really? Haven't all the players in the world already gotten this game by now?




PlayStation 4 Add-ons


Call of Duty Black Ops III: Zombies Chronicles

Destiny 2 – Expansion Pass

Call of Duty: WWII Expansion Pass

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds


The passes? Really? First we have to buy the game. Then we have to pay a fee to Sony each month in order to play them online. And now there are fuckin' passes to purchase to the games as well?




PlayStation VR Games


Job Simulator

Superhot VR

PlayStation VR Worlds

I Expect You To Die

Batman: Arkham VR