Trüberbrook: Visit 1960's Germany

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- I have found another indie title!



It's been a while since I found a new indie title that I had not expect to find. It used to be my thing. When I browsed the Internet this Monday, I found this game. And it just might be a game that I will find intriguing to play. Sometimes I just want to relax with a slow paced game. Solving mysteries and puzzles are a nice change of pace compared to playing League of Legends or some Battle Royale shooter.



This is a puzzle game with sci-fi elements. It is taking place in the 1960's in some way. There are parallel universes involved as well. We are in Germany, the cold war is still going on. We play as an American physics student who wins a trip to Europe. Was it really just luck that won you the ticket?


It does not appear that way when someone steals your paper on quantum physics from your suitcase. Can you discover the secrets of this German village? Will you find whoever stole your paper? Take a look at the trailer below.



Perhaps there are not much to be said about the gameplay. It seems like it will be some sort of point and click. Interact with items, figure out which items to use and which people to talk to. Personally I find it hard to find games that has a perfect balance between a unique style of puzzles and at the same time, not too hard. If I get stuck, I tend to give up on the games. But on the other hand, if there are no struggles with progressing in the games then there will be no sense of victory once you solve a puzzle. And that is probably even worse. 

If there are puzzles that are difficult in a great game, then you can always turn to Google for the answers.



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Adventure, Indie, Classic



I believe that this game will be released on pretty much every platform. PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Are there any others?



This has all the characteristics of a great indie game. The graphics are made with love. What better word is there? Take a look at this video:



They built the scenes with small models at first, then digitalized it all. That is truly what you would call ”handmade”. I am sure that a lot of developers are building models during the development process but these guys are actually using the models to create the in-game environments. That has to be somewhat unique, right?



I am not sure of which system I am looking to buy it on. It feels like a game that I could be able to play on my laptop, and play it pretty much on the go. But it would also be nice to be able to use the PS4 in the bedroom. Just relaxing with a game like this before going to sleep.

But a console feels a bit too much for a game that should not require that much power, right?


I am a sucker for indie games

From what I can tell by just reading about it really quick. This game rose from a kickstarter project. That means, by definition, that the idea of the game has fans already. Now let's see if those fans can convince others to try it as well. The tricky part about a release is the first reviews and first couple of days. If those go well, then there is a snowball effect.

I hope that these guys do well. It is an interesting project that they have been able to finish. And like I wrote in the text above, I am a sucker for indie games. Despite that term is thrown around quite liberally nowadays. The creative freedom with a completely independent developer can not be compared to a studio that has a big company with opinions weighing on their shoulders. With different opinions on how much new features you are allowed to try. Or if you are just going to play it safe and get a release that will be mediocre and give the company a safe amount of sales.

I could be wrong about some facts in this text. Just let me know and I will correct it. 


Have a nice day!