Vacation: Slacking or taking the next step?

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 07/10/2018 - 18:40


Summer Roman



- Letting it all go? Or hitting the gas pedal?


Most of us do have a few weeks during the summer where we don't go to work or school. We will have a lot of spare time on our hands. What are we doing with those hours?


Are you going to let it all go and just enjoy life to the fullest?

Some of us do have a pretty solid base. With that I mean that our everyday routines are pretty damn healthy. We have figured out a way to find time to eat healthy and workout even though we have to spend a lot of time at work or in school. Then it might be the perfect time to just cut loose and enjoy life.



But there might be some of you out there that want to use all this spare time to actually figure out how to improve our everyday normal routines. Do you find it hard to find time to cook proper meals? If we don't have enough time, the dinner will be something that is quick and easy to cook. Or maybe even something that you pick up on your way home, like McDonalds.


With all the spare time you have now. One way to improve your everyday routines would be to learn some new recipes. Find food that is easy to cook. Find food that is easy to store in portions in the freezer. That way you can cook in bulk and then store it away, always having a healthy alternative when you are short of time.



Are you having problems finding time to workout when you have work or school to attend to?

If you look around the Internet for workouts to perform at home without a lot of equipment. You will be surprised at how much you find. Then when the fall comes and our everyday routines continues you will be able to get a workout done without ever leaving your house. Some smaller pieces of equipment might fit into a wardrobe or drawer. But a lot of exercises can be done using things you already have at home.

If this is something that you find difficult. Then use all those hours that you have now to find ideas for workouts. Since you won't have to commute back and forth to the gym, you can't say that you simply do not have time to workout. It is about finding ways to make it easier. It is about having the character to actually perform the workouts.



It is not what we do on our vacation that will determine how our general health will turn out.

It is in our everyday routines. Since we live our everyday routines for the most part. That is the important part to change if we want to see some serious results. It does not matter if I run a marathon one day if I spend the rest 364 days of the year doing nothing at all. In that case it is a lot better if I do an easier workout but continously. Working out several times each week. That will give me better results in the end.

During our vacation. We have the chance to really kickstart a new routine. 


If you are looking for some advice on recipes or easy workouts. Find me on Twitter or use the contact form on Zonezter. Have a nice summer!