Virtual Reality in 2017: Summary

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Virtual Reality

- Summary of 2017


This was one of the big things going into 2017. How would virtual reality keep developing. We were still waiting for full games for VR. There were a lot of demos and VR experiences out there. Those short adventures showed us what was possible in virtual reality, but they never really showed us good graphics or long stories.


During 2017 we finally got to see full games. The biggest one being Fallout 4 VR. It was just released but that has been the game that we have focused our attention on since it was announced. We speculated a lot that this would make or break the whole VR industry basically. Besides Fallout we had a few major releases for VR. Some big franchises that took the step into VR are Resident Evil, Doom and Skyrim. Skyrim is just the same game once again, like we have seen a couple of times now. But never mind that, this is VR and Skyrim have a chance at being a great game according to me.

The biggest competition to Fallout 4 VR would be Resident Evil 7. But the fact that Resident Evil is such a hardcore horror experience. They can never measure themselves with a game like Fallout. At first, there are not a lot of gamers that own a VR headset. Then there is the issue with the horror part. Even people that usually play horror games are unsure of Resident Evil 7.

My biggest regret of 2017 is this purchase. I paid more than 60 euros for it and I have only played like 15 minutes so far. Then it even got on sale the week after I bought it. Bad luck for me. That game is intense. Too intense for me to bother fixing all the cables for the PSVR. And then play Resident Evil 7 VR with the risk of a cat or child attacking me out of nowhere. I can't be safe in my own home while playing virtual reality.

I will save the experience for some quiet night when I have a friend over or something.




We are still basically in the first versions of VR being available to the public with the purpose of playing video games. It is far from the true potential that the technology have. In order for us to find out what that potential might lead to, the products being available right now have to succeed. They have to! Otherwise developers will not risk plowing money into developing games that are only played by a small percentage of all the gamers out there. During 2017, I would say that the industry have made a good job at moving forward with VR.


One thing that amazes me is the amount of indie games that arrive for VR. A small independent developer that focus on VR are consciously shutting the door to most of the customers available out there. Developing a game for VR is a bit more advanced as well. You have to think about more angles that the players will approach the situation from.

Regarding the future of VR and these independent developers. I believe that the same boost that they have given the industry the last couple of years, will happen with VR in the future. With the imagination of a game developer not being hindered by a board room of directors that have to approve of the idea.

Total creative freedom.


During 2017 Zonezter have been playing both HTC Vive and PSVR. On the podcast there have been a lot of talk about VR. Since we started with reviews on the website we have had the pleasure to review both Raw Data and The Cavern. We also had the opportunity to interview some of the people behind Raw Data, from Survios.


My hope for 2018 is that virtual reality keeps growing. I want to see where this technology will take us.