Roto VR Chair

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Roto VR Chair

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Roto VR Chair

- Will this become a thing?


Ever wondered how you are going to manage VR for a long period of time? Tired of standing up, tripping over cables?

Here is something that might help you. It is a chair that rotates as you play.


You can sit comfortably and you don't have to worry about the cables being wrapped four times around your legs, making you fall on your face.


Take a look at the trailer below.

The best looking part is when he drives a car. Then you are automatically sitting down in the game as well. When I play a shooter I imagine that I want to stand up. But then again. Is it really necessary to rotate while driving a car? If you were to sit in the car in real life, you would never have to rotate? So I guess there is no point in getting a chair like that for the driving games. Unless the chair reacts to turns and jumps that occur ingame. And when looking at the video again, it appears as if the way the chair reacts to him steering the car ingame. It will most likely boost the feeling of sitting in the car. But if you get a special chair, steering wheel and pedals. Why not see if there is anything that will react to the game like if you were actually in the car? It has been around for arcade halls for a long time and I expect it to come to the market in the future as VR grows bigger.




The pedals and the steering wheel sure looks great.

A VR headset alone can create a fantastic experience in driving games. When hitting a jump at high speed it feels like sitting in a freaking roller coaster. In the video below you can see me driving on a high speed course in the Finnish rally. I use my PlayStation VR headset and just play with a regular controller in the video. Still a great experience!

Unfortunately I feel like the affordable steering wheels and pedals are not going to give me the experience I am looking for. Perhaps in the future I will get something like this chair. I expect it to become a regular thing and as that happens, the prices should drop.


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Seems like a delay in the production..

It appears as if the intention was to release these chairs for the public in February of 2018. Due to safety concerns it is still not out on the market yet however. I don't have the details but it sure sounds great if it is completely safe before they start to ship it out to customers. If I understand it correctly, one of the issues was when removing the headset. Will the chair understand that it should no longer react to the movement of the headset?


Imagine doing a quick movement to put the headset down on a shelf and the chair spins around 180 degrees. But like I said, I have no hard facts regarding what is the problem.