Interview regarding weightloss: How to start your journey

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- It sort of comes down to motivation



What would motivate you to work hard in order to lose those pounds?

The method is really not a big deal. There are tons of methods that you can use. By trying a few, I am sure that you will be able to find one that will feel fine for you. Not every method will fit you. And none of them will work perfectly unless you have the motivation. The motivation is what will make you successful in being consistent with changing your everyday routines. 



So, reasons to start a weightloss journey

Is it health in general? Are you listening to the news reporting about how it can be dangerous to be overweight? Maybe you just come to the realisation that today is the day. I want to change my everyday routines in order to become healthier!

Shopping for clothes after losing a few sizes is something that most people can appreciate and have as a goal. Even if it is just one of the smaller goals, it will still give you some encouragement while being on your journey towards the new You.


The reasons does not matter, at all. You don't even need to say them out loud. The trick is to know what you can use as motivation. Because there will be times where you are tempted to "fall off the wagon" and do something that is a step in the wrong direction.



How to get started?

If you feel like it is difficult to start. Get some help with that. It is Your health. It is Your future. Would it not be worth spending a few bucks on it?

It is the best investment that you will ever make! No I am no selling anything. I am simply trying to reach out to you, hit that spot somewhere deep inside that will make you read this and go:

”That is so true. I am worth it. I deserve to get the conditions to succeed with getting to where I want to be in life.”


If you are that person. Let's get you some ideas on how to start your new life, shall we?



Interview in The Fit Gamer Podcast

In the recent interview on The Fit Gamer Podcast. I talk to Brian, a guy I met through Instagram. He is sharing his weightloss journey with his followers, on his Instagram Losingitin18. I have added a player in the bottom of this text where you can listen to our conversation regarding his weightloss journey. It can also be found on Spotify, aCast, iTunes and all the regular places.


Regarding the start-up process. One way is to go to a place like the Weight Watchers where you get a start-up kit in a way. There are people there with a clear idea of how to get started. And you just follow their instructions.

It is kind of a light version of counting calories. You count points for different dishes. And if you want to make it really simple and correct. You can purchase frozen dishes and just heat them up in the microwave oven. That is brilliant in the sense that one of the most difficult tasks can often be when you are tired and don't have energy to cook food. Then it is easy to just pick up some take away food on your way home from work. But with these frozen dishes, you will be able to have an okay meal ready to be heated in the microwave oven!


That is how Brian started his journey. Starting out at 444 pounds, he began with losing about 50 pounds in a period of 4-5 months. If you are like me and can find motivation by following other people on Instagram. I definitely recommend you to follow his account @losingitin18.