Simple tip for controlling your diet

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Simple tip for controlling your weight

- No need to change your entire life overnight


It is okay. These revolutionary diets can be pretty dumb at times. The idea of changing your life radically can be too much. And even if you succeed and lose weight across the month when you are following that strict diet.

Then what?


The most important thing is to change the behaviour. To change the routines. Something that will last for a long period of time. And doing a short diet won't achieve shit when it comes to the way you live your life.


So here is a very easy tip that might help. And it does not take a lot of effort.



Write down what you eat for a week.


It is important that you don't cheat. The only person that will suffer from you not being honest is yourself.


After one week. Take a look at your list. Now the question I want you to ask yourself is this. Is there anything on the list that did not really satisfy you? Was it worth eating that?


What do I mean by this?


When eating a nice dinner with friends or family. There are often tasty food involved and it is a great social event. I am not trying to remove your happines in life.



Poor planning is a problem for most people

Are there any treats that you happened to eat without planning to? A lot of times there is a bad guy involved. That bad guy is called ”bad planning”. By not eating a proper meal, you end up hungry. And when you are walking around, feeling hungry. It is easy to grab something quick. Just because you will need energy. That often translates into picking up a candy bar when you are at the grocery store.

If you would have had planned the day better from the start. Then those fast carbohydrates would not have ended up in your stomach.


One of the easiest solutions is to prepare meals and have them in the freezer or the fridge. That way you will always have access to a proper meal and it will only take a few minutes to heat it.




Just by writing a list, we tend to eat more healthy


Just the idea of writing a candy bar on a list often stops us from eating it. That way this method will automatically make your diet a little bit healthier.



I am sure that you have seen these TV-shows that gather everything a person consumes for a week and then shocks them by showing it. If the person is drinking a lot of soda, perhaps they have poured it all into a bathtub. And if it is crisps, they might have a big van filled with crisps. They have managed well. These treats feels like a small thing. But when they are put together, it can be a big ”aha moment”. Do I eat THAT MUCH?!



I would suggest that you write down what you eat for a week every now and then. That way you will not be doing it for a whole year. But when you make a check-up every now and then, it will be a way to see your results. Save the lists. And compare the lists. Are your habits becoming a little bit more healthy?




Society is stupid. We keep telling people to eat healthy to lose weight. That is the biggest trap there is when it comes to losing weight. Organisations and experts are telling us that certain things are super healthy. They are often correct. But healthy does not have anything to do with the amount of calories the products contain. The most healthy breads for example are full of seeds and oils. Which is freaking healthy but I might just as well eat a bag of fucking peanuts.

Even if I am eating super healthy. I might gain 3 pounds a week. Simply because healthy shit can still contain a lot of calories.



If you want to discuss something. Just send me an email roman [@] or find me on Twitter, Zonezter_Roman. I would be happy to hear your thoughts and share my own experiences. 


I hope you achieve the goals you set up. Good luck!