Supplement: Whey Isolate

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Supplement: Whey Isolate

- Regular whey protein can be tough to digest



Here is a tip that might help you with your protein intake. It will not be the solution for everyone. But it is important to have in mind. Especially if you have any issues with eating whey protein. There might be a simple solution to your problems.


When it comes to whey protein. It is really the base of supplements. It is a great supplement. You can have a protein shake in between meals in order to boost your daily protein intake. You can have a shake ready to drink after your workout.


There is one issue however. A lot of people are sensitive to lactose. Not allergic, just sensitive. You won't notice anything when eating regular food containing lactose. When it comes to whey protein however, it becomes really concentrated and it might be tough to digest. Saying that some people are just sensitive to lactose, I am not saying that allergy does not exist. There are definitely allergy against lactose and that has led to all the lactose free products we see in the stores nowadays.


I had issues for years. I had been drinking a cheap whey protein for a long time (years). Then all of a sudden I started to feel pain in my stomache every time I had a protein shake. It was tough, it was the base of my extra protein intake.


A while back (over a year now) I started to drink a whey protein that is called ”isolate”. It is no brand in particular, it just means that it has a higher amount of protein and less random stuff. And the by random stuff, I mean lactose for example. The name isolate simply means that it is isolated from substances such as lactose. Another positive thing with it is that you can eat less and still get the same amount of protein.


I don't feel any nausea from drinking those. I am really happy that I can have my whey protein shakes again. The reason I came to think of this article right now? I found a cheap whey protein that had a flavour that sounded really tasty. What harm could it do? My problems are long gone! Hah! After having one single small shake of the regular whey. I felt nausea and it basically went on for the rest of that day.


If you experience nausea and pain. This might be a reason. But I suggest that you consult a doctor. I am not a doctor. I am just one of many that have experienced this regarding regular whey and whey isolate.